close to death

Close to death now. Real close, real soon now. Coming home, Lord. I'm a comin' home. To the other side. Tear the veil of illusion asunder. Talk to God man to man face to face. And say: "Look God, I don't wanna complain or anything, but I gotta tell ya, right now Life on Earth sucks, big time!"

And I did that! I took my courage in my strong right arm, I girded my loins, and I put the hard word on God, jus' like I allus said I would...

And God snickered a little, gave a high-pitched giggle, then sarcastically replied: "You 'gotta tell me'? You 'gotta tell me?' That's rich! That's truly a hoot, deluxe! Cos if life sucks for you, how do you think I feel? And if life sucks for you, I'm sorry but that's your issue not mine. Now get lost, punk! Or are you feeling lucky, punk?"