strangest jobs in history

  • DE-DAGGER: One who removes balls (dags) of dried shit from the fleece around the arseholes of sheep. A specialised agricultural discipline, the leading exponents in which hail mainly from Australia and New Zealand (where men are men and sheep are nervous).

  • GALLSTONE TRADER A certified practitioner usually with accreditation permitting buy and/or sell activities on gallstone trading floors under the aegis of the Global Body Parts Exchange (GLOBOPARTEX).

  • BUTCHER'S DWARF: Once a lucrative and respected profession, nowadays practised only in remote parts of Kazakhstan. Required skills include removal of bloodstained sawdust.

  • CHICKEN-WHISPERER: See "Ludwig, Brunhilde, Osbert and Depravity--a history of the von Cuckenhagen clan".

  • MAP COLOURER: See "Jobs, jibes and jube-jubes: Encyclopaedia of mental illness, chapter 73, mathematical madness, section iii, map colouring".