statements about nothing

Each of the statements below has two meanings of which each is opposite to the other. For example, the statement "nothing is nothing" can mean "there is no such thing as nothing, ie nothing does not exist" or "nothing does exist, in the form of the thing we call 'nothing'".

  • Nothing isn't everything.
  • Nothing is nothing.
  • Nothing is nothing (except nothing).
  • The smallest thing is nothing.
  • Nothing is the smallest (thing).
  • Nothing is the biggest (thing).
  • Nothing is part of nothing.
  • Nothing is part of everything.
  • Nothing is not.
  • When nothing matters, everything matters (equally).
  • Nothing has any meaning.


Lily Strange said...

And I have nothing that can counter those statements!

GPV said...

You did say a few things about nothing, it doesn't leave much room
for anything else.