singing the blues

Being a jaded, faded roué my tastes incline to the intense. I don't drink a double espresso, for example, but rather a quadruple. Catholic tastes, yes (though I hate that expression). Of course, most if not all tastes are acquired, including anger and drinking beer, frequently in combination.

Where cheese is concerned, I'm very partial to blue. The smellier the better---Gorgonzola, for instance. In fact, last night my partner made a great salad with a blue cheese dressing. Well, not so much a dressing, as a garnish sprinkled generously over the salad. I tucked in with gusto, shoveling great forkfuls down my gullet, relishing the piquancy of the cheese.

Being the kind, gentle, thoughtful, supportive person that I am (ha!) I said to her, "Great salad! When did you get the blue cheese? There was only an old bag of that shredded Gouda in the fridge this morning."

"Blue cheese?" she responded, "what blue cheese?".


Tom & Icy said...

Had a dream like that, and woke up and my socks were missing.

Rose DesRochers said...

Blue cheese? Yuck!

masterymistery said...

Thanks for your comment Tom. I still have a pair of novelty socks I bought in Korea ten years ago that have "orgasm donor" embroidered on them. I wish they would go missing.

weirsdo said...

I've always liked blue cheese.

Nessa said...

I like blue cheese and pineapple on spinach.

Getting Reacquainted in 55

masterymistery said...

Weirsdo, I only like it by design, not by accident! Nessa, that sounds awesome --- Popeye would be delighted. Or, come to think of it, maybe he prefers his spinach neat!

Thanks all for comments.