relativity for dummies

One more limerick is not going to do any harm (or is it?). I'm not the author, except for line 1, which is my brainchild, and much better IMHO than the original ("there was a young woman named Bright"). After all, in a limerick about relativity, how could you not include the name of the person who dreamed it all up:

Einstein got a terrible fright
when he traveled much faster than light.
He left in the day
in a relative way
and returned the previous night.


Nessa said...

Your line is definitely better.

masterymistery said...

Hi Nessa,

I should admit, though, that my line doesn't scan as well as the original. Trust Einstein to have two syllables in both first and last names!

weirsdo said...

Fun. Who ever heard of the name "Bright," anyway?

masterymistery said...

Weirsdo, that's what I thought. At least they could have used "Wright" which is a 'proper' surname!

~Karen said...

Although Einstein lacked relativity
With his time travel creativity,
In physics he won the Nobel prize.
(So his quantum theories dazzled eyes
of those with scientific sensibility).

masterymistery said...

Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by, and for the limerick, which is pretty amusing! I'm tempted to write another one in response. Once it gets into your blood, you just can't stop!