dark, darker, darkest

Many if not most if not all people have secrets. But in fact there are no secrets. Even the secrets people take to the grave are not secret. Everything is known, in at least one Reality.
So don't be like an ostrich burying its head in the sand. Being unable to see does not mean being unable to be seen.

In private, people let their hair down; they take the opportunity to "be themselves". When no-one else is around, people pick their noses, masturbate, piss in the shower, eat gluttonously, murder their spouses, beat their children --- do all the stuff they don't want anyone to see or know about.

But every action of every life at every moment is recorded in cosmic memory -- the Akashic Record if you prefer --- and all actions elicit the appropriate Karma when the activity is performed or at some point in the future.

Every action is observed by ETI, and frequently by other observers, somewhere, somewhen, somehow. The Observer creates Reality, collapses the wave function, causes a cloud of uncertain stochasticity to congeal into a certain lump of definitiveness. Not to mention that entangled particles know what each is doing, instantaneously, even if spatially separated at opposing ends of the Universe. But don't take my word for it. I'ts just the weird, wired, wacky world of quantum physics.

As the Buddhist said to the hotdog vendor: "make me one with everything".


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chook said...

Hi Cosmic, are you still talking rubbish?? It's all about control (god sees all). If they can't manipulate our private lives they shove guilt on top of our other burdens so we behave ourselves. You piss in the shower?? That disgusting!!
Been out of the loop for a while but now climbed out of my hole and the sun is shining.

masterymistery said...

Hey Chook, great to hear from you!

Of course I'm still talking rubbish --- rubbish is my middle name!

(well, it's actually Randall but it does start with an "R")

I take your point about control and guilt, though I would add that my understanding of God is that ze has no values (because ze embraces all values) and therefore really doesn't care about good and evil and "should" and "ought to". So with that model of God, there is no guilt.

I could comment here about "golden showers" but I think I'll put that to one side for the moment.

I'm delighted you've climbed out of your hole --- why have you been in one anyway?

Thanks for stopping by,


chook said...

Hey Cosmic, I don't blame god for the guilt, I blame organised religion.
I'll give you god
No problem
But take him to an
Open field or
Down by the river

Don't put him under
Vaulted ceiling
For then you'll gather
And become

A little poem of mine

A hole because of a wrecked marriage and living in a foreign country where I don't know the language. But much better now!

masterymistery said...

love the poem. couldn't agree more with the sentiment.

Commiserations on the hole thing: happy to hear you're much better now. Will yu stay in France? Or return to KiwiLand, where, I suspect, your heart dwells.

chook said...

I'm actually in the small southern Italian town of Roccasecca drawing on the street and painting portraits of the locals. I'll head back to NZ for the summer but keep my apartment here The shift has been about pushing my boundaries and feel it's helped me and my art.

Shubhajit said...

I dare say, I disagree with Dave in this regard. We have the control over ourselves yet we are controlled. Karma or simply work is the essence of everything. What we are doing, the thought process is because of our past karma – our tears, our grief, our smiles, our curses, our blessings – if we calmly study ourselves, to have been brought out from within ourselves by so many blows. The result is what we are. All these blows taken together are Karma – work action. Every mental and physical blow that is given to the soul, by which, as it were, fire is struck from it, and by which its own power and knowledge is discovered is Karma.

I am writing to you, karma. You are reading, karma. We breathe, karma, we walk, karma. Everything is karma. And it leaves its marks on us. So, we can control but somewhere down the line we are all controlled by our own karmic cycle….

masterymistery said...

Shubhajit, interesting... A much enhanced role for karma than many realise. So that it's not about "...you get what you deserve" but rather about "...you own what you create..." as in law of Conservation of Karma

thanks for your commments