bad god chapter 2: sundancer romps home

Jake is shocked. Seems as if the homeless person has been reading his thoughts. But he dismisses that possibility as ridiculous. Jake tells himself to calm down. Just ignore him, he'll go away soon enough. But the homeless person does not go away. He stands there looking into Jake's eyes, smiling cheerfully.

"I've got nothing for you," says Jake roughly, "just leave me alone. Not interested in your problems. Got enough of my own."

"no need to get angry with me" says the homeless person. "I'm here to help you Jake. And you're here to help me."

More shock. How does he know my name, Jake thought.

"How do I know your name? Like I said, I've been messing with your life for years" says the homeless person. "I know a lot about you Jake. You met your ex-wife online, playing World of Warcraft. You're divorced now, but you lasted four years three months --- not bad going... Your mother's name is Brenda, You drink a double espresso every morning on your way to work. Except you have no work, you were fired this morning. How am I doing?"

But Jake is too astonished to respond. Frightened. But also a slight twinkle of curiousity at the back of his mind. But not enough to stop him from getting to his feet and walking away from the weird homeless guy. Who calls out after him, "If you need some cash, Sundancer in the third at Randwick"
Jake scared confused shocked. Takes the bus to his poky little apartment in xyz, name of suburb. Gets inside. Thinks about the homeless person., How could he know those details about my life. You're overwrought. Stressed out. Imagining things. Need more sleep.

Pours himself a whiskey to steady his nerves. Realizing that this will be the last taste of whiskey for some time, until he can get some money coming in. Which reminds him. How is he going to pay the rent. Down to his last $50. No job. No food. No drink. No money. No life. He permits the self-pity to emerge. Tears roll down. Whine whine whine.

The following morning he goes to race track and places his last $50 on the horse, Sundancer, at 23 to 1. Sundancer struggles at the back of the pack until the home straight where suddenly the horse finds astonishing burst of speed that brings him galloping home for a narrow win, Delighted, Jake collects his winning then gets on the bus. The driver is the same man --- the homeless person., Grins at Jake as Jake gets on the bus. "Told you, didn't I?" the homeless bus driver smirks. Jake is unable to reply. Too shocked. Walks to back of bus and sits down, fearful and something. Gets off at his stop --- busdriver calls out after him, "Better call your mom, she's had a bad fall."

Arriving home in a confused mess of delight at winning the money and fear at meeting the strange guy again. I was going to call her anyway, jakes tells himself, waiting for his mother, Brenda, to pick up the call. Somehow he is not surprised when his mother tells him she slipped on the stairs and twisted her ankle.

That night Jake lies in bed sleepless and surly. Tosses and turns but no respite. Can't stop thinking about the weird guy and the strange events of the past few days.

This is ridiculous, he tells himself. The only way you are going to get over this is to get to the bottom of it. Find the guy. Force him to divulge how he knows so much about me. If you don't, you're heading for the psych ward.
But where to find the guy? Where you first met him, at the park bench.

this post, like all the "bad god" posts, is draft text, just to get the plot up and running. Wordsmithing will happen later (or never!)


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Brian Miller said...

nice write. a homeless guy that knows mush...yeah i think i would find him too...

masterymistery said...

Hi Brian, thanks for stopping by and for your comment,. Thinking about what you said made me realise that homelessness may very well be one of the early steps on the stepladder toward enlightenment,. Certainly a requirement to step back from the need for a mortgage!

G-Man said...

I think you'll find that there's more to most homeless people than meets the eye.
Most Excellent 55 My Friend.
Thanks for playing, and have a kick Ass Week-End...G

Nessa said...

Jake is definitely on the verge of big changes. In times past, and some current societies, craziness is divine. I'd be looking for that guy too.

masterymistery said...

G-Man, in this shallow short term culture we've created, there's more to most things than meets the eye but we'll never know because we're all blind!

Thanks for your commments.

masterymistery said...

Hi Nessa, thanks for your comment. I think We are all on the brink or even already in the process of big change.

cordieb said...

And the plot thickens. I wish I had a guardian angel, like Jake has. Perhaps I do. Great read....thanks for continuing the postings!

masterymistery said...

cordieb, thanks for your comment, and for helping motivate me to continue.