take ten tablets and call me in the morning

The Ten Commandmentsthe ten suggestions
I am the Lord thy God.we're all in this together
Thou shalt have no other gods [for the Lord thy God is a jealous god].thou shalt have as many gods as thou damn well pleaseth (but try to avoid obedience and priests)
Thou shalt not worship graven images or likenesses.graven or not, art is a great way to express ideas, emotions and relationships (but go easy on the worship: it's bad for the knees)
Thou shalt not take the Lord's name in vain. it's good to be on first-name terms with those you love
Remember the sabbath day [and keep it holy].don't forget to rest and relax, and remember, every day's a holiday
Honour thy father and thy mother. honour everyone and everything
Thou shalt not kill.it's usually possible to avoid killing; live and let live
Thou shalt not commit adultery.enjoy all pleasures to the max; sex is great and good, as long as you don't hurt anyone
Thou shalt not steal.property is theft
Thou shalt not bear false witness.telling lies will hurt you and haunt you
Thou shalt not covet. you won't find peace or joy in being envious


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Karen said...

I agree with you about graven images. They're bad for the knees.

Please try to have a happy (and Holy) Sabbath day.

mgeorge said...

On property being theft. First, we should consider "intellectual" property - the proprietary (as opposed to wider) stranle-hold on patents, copyrights and standards. Even bio-resources including pirated or minimally modified ones are fair game. To state the obvious, they provide an unfair advantage, dampen further development, and cause harm contrary to the high-flown sentiments that the big boys espouse.

The tyranny of entrenched professions, trades, industries, sports, etc. by way of legal protection of their guilds or syndicates is not much better.

Taking the aforesaid tablets is definitely going to cause indigestion or worse if you have taken the "love your neighbour" one.

masterymistery said...

Hi mgeorge, that adds several to-do items to the list.

To which I would add the removal of the legal protection corporations enjoy by virtue of the status as a Legal Person, which enables them to have all the benefits of being a flesh-and-blood person, but without the responsibilities.

And let's also ditch Limited Liability of Directors whereby they can't be held personally liable --- legally or financially --- for the decisions they make.

Thanks for your comment.


masterymistery said...

Karen, Thanks for the suggestion. I'll always try, and try for all ways. Cheers, MM