actually I do have a move: apotheosis

It's oils on stretched canvas, 50.5 x 76 cm., entitled APOTHEOSIS, finished in 2012The purpose of this post is to change the name of this painting from "No mate, it's just zugszwang" to "apotheosis".

The German word refers to a chess-game position where every move a player can make leads to disaster.

The painting's old name translates into: "I'm not dead yet -- haven't been checkmated -- but every move I can make in the game of life I foresee leading to disaster." The name came to me at a time when I felt trapped, contracted, paralysed, beset on all sides by forces and energies that would harm me.

The new name is "Apotheosis". It depicts a recent time in my life briefly and obliquely referred to in "Yes, I'm talking to you!" and described more fully in "no white sheets a-floating".

During that time I was having regular conversations with what I believed to be a non-human being. By now, that belief has retreated to a grudging and resentful "I don't know what happened. The true nature of it. But something happened. Over a period of some weeks. Something hyper-extraordinary."

So why change the name now, today? Well, last night I was parked in front of the idiot-box, and I happened to glance over at the painting...


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