Mastress & Other Twisted Tails His name was Godfrey. His prison nickname was Goat. He yearned for a normal life, but had never Toad the Lion for long enough to settle down.

He’d been arrested on a Poultry charge of Storking, which would have meant a non-custodial sentence had he not been caught Badgering a witness. Six months into his jail-time, Goat had taken the opportunity to escape. Since then he’d been on the Lamb, the Pigs Dogging his every move. ...

Continues in Mastress & Other Twisted Tails now available at

Mastress & Other Twisted Tails is an unfinished, never-ending epic leading nowhere and currently comprising eighteen barbaric chapters including:
  • Mission to the Interior
  • In the Dog’s Arse, Chillin’
  • The Mountebank’s Tale
  • View From a Shit-stained Boulder
  • Meet the Parents
  • The Zombification of Bernardo of Albania
  • Enlightenment for Dummies
  • The Unfortunate Herstory of JillJack the Hermaphrodite
  • The Dogs of Death
  • How the Wizard Lost his Mojo
  • Alfresco Lunching Intense
  • Please Freeze Fleas
  • The Old One Tells of the Planetary Extinction Event (PEE).

WARNING: "Mastress" is a cacklingly bizarre read that may induce fatal hysteria. Recommended only for the strong of mind and stomach. Now at!


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