one hand makes dark work

One Hand Makes Dark WorkOne Hand Makes Dark Work" 45.5 x 35.5 cm, oil on stretched canvas, completed March 2015, commenced 2001 (?) or thereabouts...

Dreamtime: the Deflattening

Aboriginal pictographs in Wunnumurra Gorge, Barnett River, Kimberley, Western Australia In the Dreamtime before time and space the Great Serpent Koniara slithered and thrashed mightily, creating the Land of Oz, the Sky above it, and the Sea that washed its shores. And when his mighty slithering was done, Koniara called a great Corroboree to honour his creation.

Among those who came to the Corroboree was the scaly crocodile, Gumungung, who spake unto Koniara, saying, “O Great One, what thee or thou have wrought is awesome and immense, but there is no colour, no excitement, no magic or joy in the Land. As far as the eye can see, all is red and brown and flat as a toenail, and that’s more dull and boring than a pub with no beer. And newsflash: it’s also way too frickin’ hot!”

“My sacred doings be not to thy satisfaction,” spake Koniara unto Gumungung, “and yet I made the whole ball of wax in just two days not six, and I didn’t need to chuck a sickie* on the seventh neither.”

a bad case of the casements -- please explain

A Bad Case of the Casements: Please Explain - 27.7 cm x 35.5 cm, oil on board, completed 2015It's been a long time since my last post, and all I can come up with is this? I dunno what it means, if anything. Hence the title: "A Bad Case of the Casements - Please Explain". Crappy photograph, nogal (if you catch my drift). 27.7 cm x 35.5 cm, oil on board, completed 2015.

the devil cheats at marbles

One day the Devil came across a bunch of kids playing marbles in the dirt at the side of the road in the shadow of their school bus. The bus had broken down on the way to school; the driver had run off, God knew where.

“Hey kids mind if I join you?” the Devil asked politely, (but inwardly smirking at the prospect of some nice juicy roast kids for lunch).

They didn’t mind so the Devil squatted down on his goatish haunches and played marbles with the kids. But the kids were too good for the Devil — they kept winning, which the Devil found rather irritating. So the Devil started cheating and won a couple games, which made him happy, or at least vaguely satisfied in a limited sort of way, temporarily at least.

the gods must be lazy

The background image is MY BED, a work by the British artist Tracey Emin, exhibited at the Tate Gallery in 1999 as one of the shortlisted works for the Turner Prize. Superimposed is the figure of messed-with figure of Jehovah, from The Creation of Adam, a fresco paintd by Michelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel between 1508 and 1512

This is a quick foray into the so-called "debate" about "intelligent design" vs the theory* of evolution.

For creationists, the human eye is an example of irreducible complexity that could not have evolved from the bottom up but rather must have been designed from the top down. The "intelligent design" argument is that the "irreducible complexity" of reality can not be and could not have been the product of undirected non-purposeful randomness (per Darwinian evolution by natural selection), but rather that the figurative hand and mind of an intelligent designer is evident, that the fingerprints of God/gods is/are found all over the universe.

slow month for raptures

Normal business will resume shortly. In the meantime, here are some random utterances to be spurned at your convenience:

If the product's free, YOU are the Product. (M. R. 2014)


Looking for God? How do you find something that's everywhere? And where do you start to look?


I asked a non-human person, "Will I continue after death?" Ze replied, "We continue together".


This is a bad example of a bad example. (Why? Because it's a good example).


eBooks by Cosmic Rapture:

NIGHTMERRIES: THE LIGHTER SIDE OF DARKNESS This so-called "book" will chew you up, spit you out, and leave you twitching and frothing on the carpet. More than 60 dark and feculent fictions (read ‘em and weep) copiously illustrated by over 20 grotesque images you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

AWAREWOLF & OTHER CRHYMES AGAINST HUMANITY (Vot could be Verse?) We all hate poetry, right? But we might make an exception for this sick and twisted stuff. This devil's banquet of adults-only offal features more than 50 satanic sonnets, vitriolic verses and odious odes.

MANIC MEMES & OTHER MINDSPACE INVADERS A disturbing repository of quotably quirky quotes, sayings, proverbs, maxims, ponderances, adages and aphorisms. This menagerie holds no fewer than 184 memes from eight meme-species perfectly adapted to their respective environments.

the travelling salesman and the four color map theorem

World using the four color theorem

The map-colourer's new client wanted a map in which the same colour was not to be used for any two adjacent regions sharing a common border. The map colourer's problem was that he only had three colours, and he didn't want to start colouring in and then find he needed more colours to satisfy the client's request. So he called the travelling salesman who was the only source of pigment in the area.

"Hey Jack," he said, "how soon can you get here? I need more colours, real bad, real quick."

"Well Joe," replied the Salesman, "I've got a bit of a problem myself. I can't start my deliveries until I figure out the quickest cheapest route to deliver all the orders and return to head office."

"So what's the problem, Jack, can't you work out your route like you've always done before?"

"I wish I could," responded the Salesman, "but the thing is I need a new map: my dog ate the last one."

First published December 2008.
Image: (political) map of the world in four colours, Wikipedia 30/10/2014, mouseover for copyright and attribution.

dark days of Earth

The bad guys are bad and the good guys are worse.
Every blessing somehow turns into a curse.
It's blood, sweat and tears, commencing at birth.
Welcome to us in the Dark Days of Earth.