no space for stuff: the universe is full

Joule's apparatus for measuring the mechanical equivalent of heat energy. A descending weight attached to a string causes a paddle immersed in water to rotate. Caption by Wikipedia, 6 May 2014Most critters including humans get their get-up-and-go from the stuff they eat and drink. And they get stuff to eat and drink by using their get-up-and-go (to hunt or fish, harvest crops, stroll to the nearest McDonalds, etc).

Scientists say you can’t make new get-up-and-go or get rid of old get-up-and-go. You can only change get-up-and-go into a different form of get-up-and-go, or into stuff.

Likewise, they say you can change stuff into other stuff or into get-up-and-go. But you can’t make new stuff and you can't destroy existing stuff.

(For example, you can’t get rid of a McDonalds burger, you can only change it into shit. No, hang on, it’s shit in the first place. Better example needed).

amateur hour at the easel, even

AMATEUR HOUR AT THE EASEL, EVEN painted by me in oils on stretched canvas. 51 x 61 cm

AMATEUR HOUR AT THE EASEL, EVEN painted by me in oils on stretched canvas. 51 x 61 cm. Weird title, I know. Couldn't think of anything more compelling. If you can, please let me know.

divine masturbation

Free! Awarewolf -- 3rd edition. One week only. For Kindle, Smartphone, Tablet or Download. Out now at Amazon.Long, long ago at the dawn of time
even before the primordial slime
when stretching ahead were all the millennia
in which quite a lot, if not more, even many a
tragic mistake or foul evil plot
lay in the future but not at year dot.

Right at the top of history’s first page
when many an era and aeon and age
loomed far ahead to the greatest extent
was writ a uniquely dramatic event
that some call the Bang that was huge if not big
(please pass me my drink and light me a cig).

only the birdies

background artwork and animation by cosmic raptureNowhere to be, not much to say
last week, next month or even today?

Don't get all sad or twisted and bitter
cut it back, slim it down, tweet it on Twitter.

one hand makes dark work

One Hand Makes Dark WorkOne Hand Makes Dark Work" 45.5 x 35.5 cm, oil on stretched canvas, completed March 2015, commenced 2001 (?) or thereabouts...

Dreamtime: the Deflattening

Aboriginal pictographs in Wunnumurra Gorge, Barnett River, Kimberley, Western Australia In the Dreamtime before time and space the Great Serpent Koniara slithered and thrashed mightily, creating the Land of Oz, the Sky above it, and the Sea that washed its shores. And when his mighty slithering was done, Koniara called a great Corroboree to honour his creation.

Among those who came to the Corroboree was the scaly crocodile, Gumungung, who spake unto Koniara, saying, “O Great One, what thee or thou have wrought is awesome and immense, but there is no colour, no excitement, no magic or joy in the Land. As far as the eye can see, all is red and brown and flat as a toenail, and that’s more dull and boring than a pub with no beer. And newsflash: it’s also way too frickin’ hot!”

“My sacred doings be not to thy satisfaction,” spake Koniara unto Gumungung, “and yet I made the whole ball of wax in just two days not six, and I didn’t need to chuck a sickie* on the seventh neither.”

a bad case of the casements -- please explain

A Bad Case of the Casements: Please Explain - 27.7 cm x 35.5 cm, oil on board, completed 2015It's been a long time since my last post, and all I can come up with is this? I dunno what it means, if anything. Hence the title: "A Bad Case of the Casements - Please Explain". Crappy photograph, nogal (if you catch my drift). 27.7 cm x 35.5 cm, oil on board, completed 2015.

the devil cheats at marbles

One day the Devil came across a bunch of kids playing marbles in the dirt at the side of the road in the shadow of their school bus. The bus had broken down on the way to school; the driver had run off, God knew where.

“Hey kids mind if I join you?” the Devil asked politely, (but inwardly smirking at the prospect of some nice juicy roast kids for lunch).

They didn’t mind so the Devil squatted down on his goatish haunches and played marbles with the kids. But the kids were too good for the Devil — they kept winning, which the Devil found rather irritating. So the Devil started cheating and won a couple games, which made him happy, or at least vaguely satisfied in a limited sort of way, temporarily at least.