the Universe: good potential but easily distracted
Delude this, Richard Dawkins!
Wraiths of Wrath
the taste of anger
the relativity of cheese
shall I sing to thee of hatred?
see fish below the submariner's temple
the incompleteness of persons
the dangers of mental elaboration
now let us prey...
portal to forever (painting)
sins of the fathers
needy extra-terrestrial
incandescent afternoon
for want of a more substantial repast
the stolen childhood of Everthing
why it's sometimes OK to kill your children
who put the anal in analyse?
how the wizard lost his mojo
no turning back at 30
how to spot a hydro-house
666 varieties of instant coffee
three discontinuities and a goat
actually I do have a move: apotheosis
touching your small parts makes me feel hot and sweaty
where's that timid little god hiding now?
toxic or just paradoxic?
no mate, it's just zugszwang
lions whelping in the avenues
of plankton and bankers
throwing out the baby
Tower of Babble (Part 2): Love me tender
Tower of Babble (Part 1): some gods are wetter than others
the hidden history of the human race
see what you look at
notional oceans of emotional potions
seeing I to I
arachnomatics (the mathematics of spiders)
staring into the abyss
bad things happen to good people when they go looking for free lunch
abodes of foreboding
pantheistic multiple-ego solipsism
no white sheets a-floating
knights of unrelenting weirdness
the logic of a pulchritudinous newt
swimming the magick river
the Earth is rare, smartphones are dumb
pantheism: the smart choice
us and them
another promethean palimpsest
waves of inner mumbling
the Riddler revisited
improperly cooked: the pottage sure is a mess
drunken hearted man revisited
take ten tablets and call me in the morning
an esoteric instruction as to why meditation is fruitless for some fruit-eaters
paradox of Zeno
a new stove, before my symmetry is violently compactified
the assembly of peaceful and wrathful deities