strange about Larry

There’s something strange about Larry, he’s not himself. (He’s not anyone else either, he’s just acting strange. Talking strange. Looking strange.) He’s got this new religion of his, he says, belief system. So I say, "Where you all get together and sing songs and give money to the man with the bad beard and the tin plate!" Then Larry’ll start prattling on about the Sacrifice, the Lamb, Redemption and all that stuff. Life, Death, Sin, third time lucky, geddit? With that shiny glint in his eye. But what I wanna know is, is it the Lamb, or is it the Mutton? Is it Redemption or is it Repossession. So I ask Larry, just for a joke, mind. Jeezus fucking Christ in concrete! Talk about no sense of humour. Just smiles that crazy cold smile and says the Lord forgives me. Well you know what, I forgive the Lord, now ain't that big of me! Bigamy! Bugger me! There's something strange about Larry.