ashes to ashes

Limbourg Brothers, “Lucifer Torturing Souls as well as Being Tortured Himself in Hell” from Les Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry, 1411-6

The Young Person stood at the entrance to Hell. Lacking wisdom and being well-schooled in folly ze audaciously demanded an audience with Satan, the First of the Fallen. To zir amazement, ze was instantaneously apported into the presence of the Great Imposter zirself.

Exploiting the unprecedented opportunity, the Young Person addressed the luciferous one thusly: “What's the purpose of life? What does it all mean? Is it all good and bad, black and white, on or off? Tell me now--Yes or no!"

The Parent of Lies shrugged. "It's not either or, nor neither nor," said the Devil. "It's Yes AND no. Now AND then. Black AND white."

The Young Person was confused. Accustomed to and familiar with quantum bipolarity, ie involving discreet (vs continuous), digital (vs analog), and/or black-and-white (vs greyscale) qualities, ze tabled zer agenda item, as followeth: "What in the name of all that is good and holy, and by ‘holy’ let me assure you I mean unholy...

But Satan had heard enough and in less time than the blink of a dragon's eyelid had rendered the puny human to a pile of soulless ash.