how I got my bad

Once, when we were little, Jonnie and me were playing and Jonnie got hurt, and started crying.

I started larfing. Jonnie hated that, when you started larfing at him. Then mum came and blamed me for everything and said she was going to tell dad. And I got really upset and screamed at mum and pushed her, just a little push… Can't remember what happened next, but anyway, that's how I got my bad.

Since then my bad's got worse, a lot worse. Like the time I was waiting for a taxi and a girl tried to steal my taxi when it came, and how she screamed and cried when I… but that's for another time, when I know you a little better.

Anyway, that's how I got my bad, and that's how my bad got worse, and I'm scared 'cos my worst is still to come.