sorry doesn't help

Kevin was scared. Worried. Confused. He hadn't meant to go so far, and now he was lost, and Dad was going to be angry. Kevin didn't want to go back into the dark room under the stairs, and Dad was going to say "warned you and warned you" and Mum was going to say "he didn't mean it" and Dad was going to say "for his own good" and Mum was going to say "he doesn't understand" and Dad was going to say "danger to hisself and others..."

Then Kevin saw the policeman and remembered that Mum told him to ask a policeman if he was lost, and he went to the policeman and tried to explain but the policeman was very busy, and couldn't hear Kevin's story properly, so Kevin boxed the policeman's ears to help him hear Kevin's story properly.

Then the policeman was feeling very sick and he fell down on the pavement and his face was funny so Kevin said sorry just like Mum had taught him but sorry didn't help just like Dad always said. And then people started running and shouting, and Kevin was scared and lost and he wanted to go home...