let us prey

Racing. Chasing. Terror. Exultation. The hunter and the hunted enact their entanglement.


transanima said...

merci for the link!
it describes exactly what i just experience with my last ex-lover ;)

Unpublished (Fiction Publishing) Guy said...

I followed the entanglement link to the Wikipedia entry. The first sentence does an absolutely dismal job of conveying anything coherent.

masterymistery said...

Unpublished Guy, yes I'm trying to beat my Wikipedia addiction but not having much luck. Being a pompous overbearing know-it-all, I have a compulsion to speak at people, which, if I were to indulge the compulsion within my blog posts, would render them unreadable. So Wiki is the crutch that enables me to walk and not talk. I assume, probably wrongly, that people will heroically press on to the end of the Wikipedia entry. Thanks for your comment.