quack, quack, the frogs do bark

quack, quack, the dogs do barkFacetious assassins deified
Insidious fedaheen exemplified

Mutinous taxicabs glorified
Glutinous agglomerates gentrified

Hellacious orthodontists stupefied
Stupendous dazzlement typified

Dubious qualia emphasised
Golden marmadukes euthanized


Lily Strange said...

I can relate with the line about orthodontists. My orthodontist was a nice man, but in getting overly zealous about trying to quickly bring my heinous overbite into a more seemly position, he managed to kill the nerves in two of my front teeth. Thanks to cosmetic procedures, my teeth look all right, but my jaw will never be right. It constantly clicks. Sometimes I feel like euthanizing myself like a golden marmaduke because of this.