a very heavy newspaper

Sarah’s family had money, old money, and lots of it. Sarah’s mother never tired of telling Sarah about their ‘noble bloodline’ and the importance of a ‘good’ marriage to the ‘right’ kind of man.

Frank was not the right kind of man. Nor did he mix in the right circles.

He was from a working class family, had left home and school at fifteen to start work as a ‘runner’ for an illegal bookmaker. He was ambitious, energetic and highly intelligent. But deep within himself he carried a child’s shame about his humble background, and even after he had achieved financial and social success, was always very touchy about anything that infringed on what he saw as his rights and entitlements.

He and Sarah would never have met in the normal course of events. They bumped into each other quite by accident, literally. He rear-ended her when she braked too suddenly. She’d failed to see the stop sign until it was...

... Fiends and Freaks

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cordieb said...

Two large sacks????? Two large sacks of what, I don't get it. Newpapers? textiles?

masterymistery said...

Hi cordieb,

Frank's salary for the month of August paid in two large sacks of coins. The aim being to illustrate the workings of karma, in which actions lead to outcomes.

In Frank's case, his spiteful actions in sending the truck to buy his newspapers lead to the outcome in which his employer reacts to Frank's spite with spite of its own.

Thanks for stopping by.


Nessa said...

Frank should have quit and start a new competing company.

T13 - Kindle Krazy

masterymistery said...

Hi Nessa, as this story is based to some extent on real events, I can tell you that Frank did quit, and started a tropical fish wholesaling company. I kid you not. ;-)

Audrey II said...

Odd. You made me identify and sympathize with Frank even though I object to what he was doing. Nice!

masterymistery said...

HI Audrey, I think there's probably a little bit of Frank in all of us---childish, but lovable in a weird sort of way. Thanks for stopping by,.