age of empires

The Celts wield leather belts
producing ugly welts
on the backs of surly Swedes
'til someone cries "it bleeds!"
The Vikings have their likings
for hittings and for strikings
but purple plastic sandals
are never worn by Vandals
attacking grog-soaked Gauls
shivering in their shawls
fearing night-winged moths
much more than Visigoths
and everybody runs
away from hunnish Huns
including foolish Franks
always playing pranks
upon the sombre Romans
awaiting better omens
but not upon the Greeks
and their fair share of freaks
with which to stop the Persians
making more incursions.


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Lily Strange said...

In the days of old when the nights were bold
And rubbers were not yet invented
They wrapped their cock in an old wet sock
And walked away contented.