Venn diagrams

Venn diagrams
A Venn diagram: The background is the universal set containing everything that is, was, will be, has been and could be in every manner, way, shape, form and dimension. Within the Universal set are two sets, colored red and blue respectively. The diagram includes examples of the members of the sets.

Of course, "aware" and "alive" are subjective judgements expressed in language statements which are frequently if not always unreliable in terms of conveying meaning faithfully.

One point to note: this is a 2-dimensional Venn Diagram. Consider the additional richness of a 3-dimensional. Or 99-dimensional. Or infinity-dimensional.

And one last question to ponder: Is the universal set a member of the universal set? This paradoxical question is similar to Bertrand Russell's paradox about whether the barber---who only shaves those who don't shave themselves---shaves himself.


Lammy said...

A 3 dimensional venn is a condom.

masterymistery said...

Hey Lammy, or a cluster of condoms protruding into a hypersphere