unconditional dust

BennyLot of dust in the air this morn. Catches in my throat as I walk a dog, Ben, my best friend.

Horrible taste of dust in my throat. Worse for Ben. because he's got weird skin tags growing in his throat that make breathing difficult at the best of times. Unfortunately these are the worst of times. As a rather large Ridgeback, Ben presents an incongruous site coughing and spluttering like a sick child.

Actually, he's a ridgeless ridgeback, a mutant, whom the breeder wanted to "put down" until we pointed out that as mutants we would be able to provide a good, mutated home for him.

BTW, in Africa 'they' once used 'them' to hunt lions.

PS If unconditional love is a sign of enlightenment, then most if not all so-called "animals" are more enlightened than most if not all so-called "people".


Lily Strange said...

I completely agree. People are about the lousiest of the animal kingdom.

Nessa said...

B is beautiful. I'm sorry he's having difficulties breathing.

Blast from the Past

masterymistery said...
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masterymistery said...

Lily, As Jonathan Swift writes in Gulliver's Travels of people being "...the most pernicious race of odious little vermin that nature ever suffered to crawl upon the face of the Earth..." or something to that effect.

Hi Nessa, Ben is doing OK. Breathing or no breathing, on the lead he still pulls me over sometimes when he gets over excited.

Thanks for your comments.

Brian Miller said...

i think that you may have something with that PS.