shimmer in dark energy

Shimmer in Dark Energy, painted 2011 oil on board by srs
The smallest small world network
is bigger in than out
Upon a pin where angels spin
without a shade of doubt

Within a scale free universe
hang superstrings of pearls
That shimmer in dark energy
as Indra's net unfurls

Regauged the field they call the Higgs
across the quantum foam
Where fermions creep and bosons leap
forever they do roam

And whether wave or particle
who knows where each is at
uncertainty's a curious thing
much like Schrodinger's cat

Divine the godly dice are thrown
it's all a big casino
Where cosmic bets are on and off
as quick as a neutrino

For in the end and when it starts
stochasticity is king
Specifically, explicitly
there is no certain thing.


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Tom & Icy said...

Creating order and control of chaos is considered intelligence, and we are technically advanced because we can organize and control atoms to create a bomb that can destroy everything because nothingness is perfect order and control.

masterymistery said...

Tom, like all living things, humans are anti-second-law-of -thermodynamics machines, defying entropy until death arrives to enforce chaos and disorder.
Thanks for your comment.

Nessa said...

I like your poem. I didn't need to know all of the terms. You conveyed the gist of it.


masterymistery said...

Thanks Nessa, for your comment and for helping me identify the very serious condition known as "link-mania" in which the sufferer experiences a compulsive need continually to interact with Wikipaedia!

martine said...

Hi Calling via Totalfeckineejit
really liked this, I did go read the entry about 'stochasticity' and understood not a word of it, then read the whole poem again twice and began to get more of a feeling for your meaning. I like something that is a bit of a challenge, clever, demanding thoughtful consideration, without being impenetrable.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Woah, this is a scary place!Stochastity is a great word and there are a few other nice ones I don't yet know, but this intricate and clever poem reads really well!

masterymistery said...

Martine, thanks for taking your time and patience cutting through my semi-impenetrable thicket of allusion. Whoever would have thought quantum physics lends itself to poetry.

Totalfeckineejit, the word could be boiled down to a much simpler clearer word: "chancy" which is three syllables shorter but not as impressive sounding! I've got another poem somewhere that rhymes "stochasticity" with "specificity" but I won't inflict that upon the world, not yet...

Thanks for stopping by and for your commments.