a bad, bad limerick

There was an explorer intrepid
who preferred his tea served quite tepid
not hot or too cold
not awesome or bold
more pussy than lion or leopard


Antares said...

Heh heh. Looooong time since I fiddled around with this artform. Liked your tags better than the actual limerick :-)

masterymistery said...

seemed like a good idea at the time! thanks for stopping by.

Nessa said...

Very funny. And someone who knows limericks are meant to be bawdy.

masterymistery said...

Hi Nessa, this limerick only borders on being bawdy. The really bawdy ones I would not feel comfortable posting to Cosmic Rapture, not because I'm too "precious" or reserved. Simply because the ones I know are quite immature and offputting, concerning as they do genitalia, body fluids and unusual sexual positions.

Thanks for stopping by.

masterymistery said...

Nevrtheless, I think I will post a slightly bawdier one today. I haven't posted in over a week, and I can't think of anything amazing to say, so I'll resort to dredging the bottom of the barrel.