reincarnation: do the math

Cnemidophorus-Three Species --- Photograph by Alistair J Cullum---Shows three species of the lizard genus Cnemidophorus commonly known as whiptails--The asexual all-female whiptail species Cnemidophorus neomexicanus which reproduces via parthenogenesis is shown flanked by two sexual species having males which hybridized naturally to form the  neomexicanus species---caption courtesy of Wikipaedia

If there aren't enough bodies for the souls of the dead, the problem is ghosts.

If there aren't enough souls for the bodies of the living, the problem is zombies.

If there are more dead ancestors than living descendants the problem is grave.

If there are more living descendants than dead ancestors, and every descendant is named after an ancestor, the problem is sorting mail.

It's not true that every body implies at least two other bodies. Sex isn't the only way to reproduce, though it's more fun than gene-splicing. Progenitors can and do produce multiple offspring, and are frequently alive during the lifespan of their offspring, though they mostly wish they weren't. And what about weird stuff like in vitro fertilisation, cloning, parthenogenesis, toner-less photocopying, and virgin birth?

In theory, one could count the number of living vs dead body/soul ensembles but that's practically impractical for anyone with less than eternity to play with.

There must be a mathematical function or algorithm linking descendants and ancestors, but I don't know what that function might be. It's gotta involve sex though, unless you're a whiptail lizard. Actually an actuary might be able to help if ze were getting enough, which seems unlikely.

For the algorithm to work you'd need to make a number of assumptions relating to

  • soul-ular polyvalence within an individual, ie the number of souls that can inhabit a single body (multiple personality syndrome[?])
  • the number of bodies that can host a single soul (eg as in hive-minded species such as the Borg)
  • whether a soul can inhabit the body of any organism, including that of a 'lesser organism' such as a flea, a louse, a bacterium, a lawyer etc)
  • whether a soul can inhabit an inanimate monad (eg a rock, a puddle of water, a politician, etc).

From the gestalt perspective, Everything That Is comprises one monadic living entity integrating every chunk of body and soul, matter and energy, in all the known and unknown realities. So the answer may be, one of the answers may be, an answer may be that everything is always alive at all times in all places in one form or another. It's the law of the Conservation of Everything: that Everything and every thing, can change form, can manifest differently, incarnate differently, but cannot be created or destroyed.


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mgeorge said...

I have seen a statement (claiming to have calculated) that the current world populaton (or of the last few generations) exceeds the number of all earlier humans. This can mean that
- the creation of everlasting souls is an unfinished ongoing business, or
- the rising number of zombie movies is an ominous sign of zombies among us.

There were protests when an American girl tried to give "virgin birth" using artificial insemination a few years ago.

Reincarnation as a day-to-day concern seems to have died down, except for
- fortune tellers and their socialite customers.
- those seeking the reincarnated identities (in the West) of Tibetian high priests.

masterymistery said...

mgeorge, thanks for your comments -- sardonic and incisive as ever!

Yes, the zombie uprising proceeds apace. That may be why brains are so costly these days: Someone's stockpiling in advance of Armageddon!

Nessa said...

I knew tonerless photocopying would screw everything up.

masterymistery said...

Hi Nessa, bit like the paperless office -- a mirage wrapped within an illusion within a fantasy and all tied up with a tight knot of paradoxes. Thanks for your comments.


Shubhajit said...

ha ha ha...who will give the light? who will blow the life force unto us? where do you find this queer conscience? who make this moral order, which is innate in us?

in vitro fertilization, and cloning are good though. but the man can't and won't make the germ of life..

masterymistery said...

Hi Shubhajit, I believe each of us is a powerful creator quite capable of blowing the life force into another (if only we could remember how to!). But also I think each part of the All participates in the All in its own way and takes on the qualities of the All though may not possess them as a part. Thanks for your comments

martin Olson said...

interesting steven

thanks for the thought-provoking writing

masterymistery said...

Martin, my pleasure entirely. Thanks for stopping by.