bad god chapter 1: Jake encounters an ancestor

The day starts badly enough, then gets worse. Jake turns up for work at the normal time, gets invited to a meeting, turns out the meeting is with the dreaded HR dragon-person, proceeds in the normal way, first the little speech, then the inevitable "Give me your access card. You've got fifteen minutes to leave the building."

Jake packs up his things, his personal stuff. slinks out of office, succeeds in not meeting anyone he knows on the way out. Calls partner's cellphone --- get voicemail. Does not leave message. Upset and flustered. Buys pack of cigarettes. Hasn't smoked in ten years but lights one up now. Walking at random through the city. Comes to Park, sits down on Park Bench.

Starts thinking about himself, his life. His failures. Blames himself bitterly. For everything that has gone wrong in his life. Dwells upon the mistakes, bad choices, unsound judgement, inadequacies, etc.

Homeless person approaches the bench. Shaggy. Shabby. Dirty. Smelly. Unusual eyes. Man aged somewhere between 20 and 50.

"Don't be too hard on yourself," the Homeless Person says to Jake, "Most of it was my doing, the screw ups in your life, I mean."


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CordieB said...

Interesting....I do hope you'll continuethe story. Don't leave me hanging in limbo!

Peace, Light and Love,


masterymistery said...

HI Cordie, great to hear from you. Thanks for your comment --- I've actually mapped out the main storyline and characters. All I gotta do now is find time to write it! Which doesn't sound too hard given that I'm unemployed. Except of course finding work is the most time consuming thing of the lot!

Nessa said...

Who can this smelly stranger be?

Losing your job sure can throw you for a loop.