on the one hand

It wants to fly straight, the arrow of time
not early or late, to the scene of the crime
forever it yearns, abnormally chiral
eternal returns in the form of a spiral*
for meaning and purpose, like everything, must
more than just once, return unto dust.

* it's truly pathetic to footnote ones own poetry, I know, but just to point out that the worldline of an eternally recurring vector such as the arrow of time would topologically speaking be a four dimensional spiral swallowing zir own tail, named Oroboros.


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Nessa said...

I love the duality of physics: it seems every opposite is necessary, separate and yet a whole.

masterymistery said...

Hi Nessa, not only is every opposite necessary, but every opposite is simply the lack of its paired attribute. And true, everything is separate (and together) as well as a part (and a whole). IN fact the only thing that is not a part AND a whole is Everything, unless you're willing to grant that something can be a part of itself!