habitual encrustment

Ensconced upon an elegant verandah, the Colonialist sipped delicately at his gin and tonic. Beads of sweat glistened on his forehead.

The Colonialist's manservant, an indigene, stood to one side, patiently awaiting orders.

"You know," said the Colonialist to the Indigene, "you natives have got some dirty habits. I will never understand how you can snort your snot onto the ground, and just keep on walking!"

The Indigene permitted himself a raised eyebrow and an almost indetectable eye-roll.

And we will never understand, thought the Indigene, why you Colonialists snort your snot into cloths of fine white linen, which you keep in your pockets and use again and again and again.



Antares said...

Ah... the proverbial snooty and snotty Colonialist: "'Snot snot, it's phlegm," he said phlegmatically.

masterymistery said...

Hi Antares, thanks for your comments. I've actually changed my mind about this post: I don't like it any more, and i don't think it's appropriate. I'm going to delete it.
Apologies for wasting your time!