make up your mind

If you get a message saying "Pass this message on to all your friends", don't do it!

NB Pass this message on to all your friends. Thank you.


Faycin A Croud said...

Is this the message that will cause the world to pop like a balloon if I pass it on to all my friends? Oops!

masterymistery said...

Yes, that's the one! You've really done it this time, Faycin. And it's the whole Universe, not just our little world. I hope you are appropriately remorseful.

Nessa said...

I like the ones that threaten me with boils and pain while sitting if I delete them. (Yes, of course, I delete them.)

masterymistery said...

Hi Nessa, yes what I find so strange is that most of them are so blatantly obviously a scam that you wonder who in their right mind would ever actually do what the email says to do.

Thanks for stopping by.