flora and foliage

untitled but referred to as TREES. painted by SRS oils on canvas


‎30 cm x 35 cm painted by srs (1999 ?) in oils on canvas/board. Untitled. (referred to as "trees")
Painted this in bed during the time I was off work for three months suffering from what was diagnosed then as Ankylosing Spondylitis, subsequently rheumatoid arthritis, subsequently gout, subsequently sciatica. How did I avoid getting turpentine on the sheets? I didn't. Helped mask the odour of a bedridden body in bad need of a bath. I entered the sheet that reminded me of the Turin Shroud in an art competition --- didn't even get hung. I don't know who submitted the Shroud, but whoever it was doesn't play by the rules. I don't know why the sheet reminded me of the Shroud in an art competition. I don't know very much, now do I? In my defence, however, it is 2:14 am and I'm seriously teetering on the brink of something or other. God this is a crap post. But I'm going to leave it published as a warning to others... about what? I don't know... I need sleep...



The Real Cie said...

It also looks as if it could be kelp fronds swaying in the waves. Either way, a beautiful depiction of nature. I like plants and I like things that can be perceived in more than one way.

masterymistery said...

Thanks for the compliment, TRC. I have to 'fess up that my painting skills are poor, and my draftsmanship almost non existent. So I explicitly try to compensate by using techniques that direct attention away from the inadequacies, including using light and shade to 'dimensionalise' things that don't really exist in the Reality we are familiar with., What I'm struggling to articulaTE is that when I try to paint trees, for example, the result is not so much trees as a range of things, eg kelp forests, bearing a passably passing resemblance to trees. Which is fine and great --- because that was my intention.



Karen said...

Beautiful foliage. I'm usually in need of sleep at 2:14 am, too.

masterymistery said...

Hi Karen,

In my "youth" I regularly did "all nighters" in context of both work and play, often for days on end, without seemingly feeling any ill effects.

However, No-one in the entire Universe, past present and future, is getting any younger. I have yet to "internalise" that "learning", says he, lapsing into corporatespeak!

Thanks for stopping by.

puny human said...

Well, hell. I like it! Now, go get some sleep. Puny

masterymistery said...

Hi Puny, who needs sleep when you've got foliage? I don't know what I mean by that. But it's obviously another sign of sleep-deprivation!

Thanks for your comment.


weirsdo said...

I think this looks partly like foliage, partly like industrial junk, which makes it interesting.

masterymistery said...

Hi Weirsdo, thanks for stopping by. The ambiguity in the painting is partially deliberate, partially accidental (see response to comment by The Real Cie above).