doodlemania and other psychoses

I've done my time in corporateland, mainly in meetings. Christ! don't people just love the sound of their own voice. The thing about meetings is that nothing gets accomplished in them or even as a result of them. Work gets done by individuals, real people, not consultants. But if you do get trapped in a meeting, the only way to stay sane is to hold your notebook at an angle so you can pretend to be taking notes, pretend to be paying attention, while in actual fact you're doodling for dear life... for dear mind... Boredom is toxic, don't you know? Better to have no job than to be bored 12 hours a day.

Oh, I almost forgot: audio track "newbjorne" composed and performed by MM, copyright s r schwarz 2011, all rights reserved.


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Faycin A Croud said...

Most of my doodling has been done in classes. I hate meetings with a passion. It always boils down to blah blah blah you employees are doing this wrong blah blah blah we have some new crappy busy work for you blah blah blah no we've never actually been out there doing the work you do but we know best. Plus, it's hard for me to stay awake during these dull blather-fests.

masterymistery said...

Yes, staying awake can be a real challenge! The air is alwqays either two cold or too hot because some alien life form dressed as a human has demanded the thermostat be set at some ridiculous number (insult to aliens, sorry)., The voices drone on and on... the slides have a strangely hypnotic effect: death by powerpoint! I sincerely believe that meetings are in the top 5 reasons why human culture is going to the dogs (which is an insult to dogs, sorry). The weird thing about meetings is they don't actually solve or even help to solve the problems/issues the meeting was convened to address. No, quite the contrary, meetings create problems, they don't solve them., Strewth!

puny human said...

There was no comment box below the nanofauna painting video, so I'll leave my comment here. I LOVED it! The painting and the music were a n excellent trip together, and the painting is a wonderful combination of mid-century vitalism with aboriginal elements. This is splendid.

masterymistery said...

Hi puny human, thanks for your comments. Made me feel rather good. Also inspired me to include a new sidebar element that you can click to see a list of all MM's artworks.