petshop owner's revenge

Jimmy was a shy little boy with ginger hair and a stutter. He was bullied at school but he didn’t tell his parents because he knew what his dad would say: “There’s only one way to deal with bullies and that’s to stand up to them and be a man, not a snivelling little baby...”.

And he knew his mom would say, “Daddy’s right darling…”.

He knew that’s what they would say because that’s what they always said. That’s what they’d said when he told them about the kids who’d snatched his satchel and put dog poo in it and wrote on it “bad smell alert” with permanent marker.
Fiends and Freaks

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Job Search said...

That was a nice story to tell not only for the little kids but most specially to the parents, it was so scary that it ended that way, he was never happy with all the riches he had, he was never been happy with his family... It's his parent's fault that they could not give Jimmy the attention, the time, love and care... I don't want those little kids would grow up like that... No matter how busy you are you should give importance to the people who loves you and is waiting for your help and assistance... Poor Jimmy that fat old man killed everyone around him.
Thank you for sharing this story.

mgeorge said...

Well said!

masterymistery said...

Thanks people for your comments. It's a sad state of affairs but I feel this world is well on its way to becoming the world in the story.


Brian Miller said...

on the surface a very cool story, of course there is underlying meaning, there always is, which is sobering of course. disconnected parents that really dont care, all too real and that it produced the same in the offspring is no big surprise...the mad bomber was though. cool tale.

Angelon said...

A delightful tale.

masterymistery said...

Brian, Angelon, thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

How does that quote go, I think it's from the old testament, about "...the sins of the fathers..." (shall be visited upon the children unto the third generation, or something. I'm probably getting it horribly wrong)?

Karen said...

I found Jimmy's pet shop experience to be upsetting. I cringed when the guinea pigs squeaked in cruel delight. I'm a little glad his last words to his mom were, "Isn’t that right, darling?"

masterymistery said...

Hi Karen, yes I think there's a vindictive streak in all of us!


the story has a bit Kafka treatment, and i like the climax of the story. Jimmy's pet shop experience seems a nightmare, though i'd would like to visit that kind of shop where i could buy a snake or perhaps a tarantula :-)

I like the simplicity of the story.

masterymistery said...

Shubhajit, thanks for your commments. I think maybe we all have a similar "petshop-type" experience in our pasts.