cigarette blues

woke up this morning, mouth like a toilet bowl
woke up this morning, mouth like a toilet bowl
need my fix Lord, to pacify my soul

cain't eat no breakfast, it all jus' tastes like shit
Bowl of cornflakes, tastes like a bowl of shit
One of these days, swear I’m gonna up and quit.


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Karen said...

Remind me not to go Down Under for a pack of smokes.

masterymistery said...

Karen, this is to remind you not to go down under for a pack of smokes. I think we've had the conversation about cost before, but as part of reminding you, 25 marlboro: $17 and the $A is riding roughshod over the $US at 1.08 per. Ridiculous. Thanks for stopping by, Cheers.

Antares said...

You'll burst into tears when you find out I pay less than AUD10 a carton for my ciggies here (duty free of course!) That's less than AUD1 a pack of 20s...

masterymistery said...

Jeez, Antares you're right about that! Can you hear me sobbing? 25 Marlboro in Aus costs $15!
I've switched to "roll your own" which is a little bit cheaper but still ten times what you pay.


Funny one, seems straight comes from the heart.

I am smoker too, not an addiction but a habit. smoking after a full meal gives an inexplicable satisfying feeling.

"roll your own" is the best way. $15 for a pack of Marlboro is too expensive.

masterymistery said...

Hi Shubhajit, I try not to take smoking too seriously, but yes it does come from the heart to a large extent.

I have "cut down" significantly since switching to "roll your owns" -- it's a pain in the butt!

A big chunk of the cost in Aus comprises government taxes etc -- The "nanny state" writ large!

Thanks for stopping by --- good to hear from you.


weirsdo said...

Seriously, please quit. My dad , a preacher's kid, began smoking at 11 and died at 85 of heart & lung failure. I know that you, as an addict, are thinking you may get that "lucky," but if you'd seen him at the end you wouldn't see it that way.
ilike your blues, though.

masterymistery said...

Hi Weirsdo, thanks for your comment and your concern.

I have no illusions about "getting lucky". On the contrary, I feel the creeping emphysema in my lungs. Not to mention the damage to my eyes/vision, or the contribution smoking makes to my arthritis.

I'm reasonably fit and I try to stay that way through diet and exercise but I'd be a whole lot fitter without the smokes.

I should know better: My grandfather died of lung cancer, a long and slow and agonising death.

But I have to suppose it's not about knowledge. Otherwise, why would I, as an intelligent person, continue smoking?

And health issues aside, there's the issue of cost. Being the "nanny state" Australia taxes tobacco products into the stratosphere. Between my partner and myself we spend roughly $600 a month on cigarettes. And the Aus $ is currently stronger than the US $.

It really makes no sense to me at all. I don't understand a bit of it.

Maybe deep down I need to self-harm. I'm not aware of such a tendency on the non deep down level, but I can't conceive of any alternative explanation.

To quote from one of the Beatles' / John Lennon's songs: "curse sir walter raleigh, he was such a stupid git!".

Faycin A Croud said...

I quit smoking a few years ago. Now if I could just stop eating.

masterymistery said...

Faycin, I've got an eating issue too: especially chocolate gelato. Alright, I'll fess up: anything with chocolate in it is just fine by me.

Though "they" do say that non-commercial relatively unprocessed dark choc has significant health benefits.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!