palatable nightscape of varying bluntness

Painted oils on canvas in 2011, though there are are older fully finished paintings below the surface. And "painted" is the wrong word -- I used two palette knifes, one sharper than the other. It's 40.5 x 30.5 cm.

untitled but maybe BLUE NIGHTSCAPE by srs

The painting in the photo is not the final version. On the left hand side, I painted over the small green rectangle about 10 cm up from the bottom. On the right hand side, about 20 cm up from the bottom I removed the grid element -- the part that looks a bit like an array of eggs, but with the top right hand corner missing. I also removed the part where four horizontal stripes meet five vertical stripes, with some stripes partially obliterated. And then I painted something on top of that part, but I can't remember what. Then I gave the painting away to aa* without taking a photo of the final version. Silly me!
*to amanda aizen


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Anonymous said...

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There's 2 white horse riders in Rev 6:1 and Rev 19:11 which one will you believe in?

The tares fly away the wheat remains. the tares are the ones taken and fly away. FATHER tells exactly what HE thinks about those who teach false rapture in Eze 13. Have you read it?

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II thess 4 talks about the dead in Christ resurrect at death (and those in the grave are the unsaved ,see the story of Lazarus and the rich man). The graves will open up but it's not the saved in the grave but the unsaved. The gathering together of Fathers children and the gathering of satan's children the tares are SEPARATE events!!!!

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY satan!!!!!!!!!
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there's a test coming, satan is the tester and FATHER sent us the answer book, I hope you've studied or maybe you just don't have time?
Good luck with that.

masterymistery said...

Thanks for your comment, Anonymous. It's interesting but doesn't seem to relate directly to the contents of the post. BTW I'm also interested in those times when angels knew the daughters of men.


By Jove! The comment earlier goes tangent. Some people are too much into Satan and Angel things as if those are from some fantasy flicks. We are both Satan and Angels..

Anyways, I can't understand the knife work you can make such a beautiful illustration with knives? Those color comibination is exotic...

masterymistery said...

Hi Shubhajit, re the tangential comment: I agree. The truth is always in the middle, not black or white but grey.

Re the painting, the different edges and points of the knives are used for different things. The long edges for example are used to create straight lines. The points can be used to "draw" with, as long as there is a big contrast between the layer on top and the layer below

But to be honest, there is some brushwork in the painting, it's not entirely knives./

Thanks for stopping by --- good to hear from you again.