the wolves that was

An 18th-century print showing a woman defending herself from the Beast of Gévaudan.Once a month beneath the moon
their evil crimes recur
the wolves that was is incorrect
it is the wolves that were.

Not every wolf’s a wary wolf
Aware-wolf, as it were
But every wolf’s a hairy wolf
With long and curly fur.

A werewolf’s not a cat or dog
A mutt, a hound or cur
He’ll snarl and howl and growl a lot
But never bark or purr.

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wolfie said...

Zis poem ist zer gut! I shall rekommend it for der next album uff mein band, Death Cheese!
Lead Howler,
Death Cheese

masterymistery said...

Wolfie, Gott im Himmel und all zat! WE would be honoured to hear Death Cheese turn this little poem into an anthem of power and grace, such that...

[such that I don't know. I just wanted to use the phrase such that)

Thanks for your comment.


Antares said...

Howled with genteel hilarity. Dr Seuss, Ogden Nash, Roger McGough... meet my buddy Steven Schwarz!

Special regards to Wolfie for his wonnig comment. Makes me nostalgic for the hysterical times I had in Prague with my brother-in-law, also named Wolfie... ah, but that was in the 18th century, just before the Mind Parasites invaded.

masterymistery said...

Thank you Antares, appreciate the compliment!

They don't make hysteria like they used to. Perhaps a good cataclysm is called for...


Antares said...

Beyond doggerel... this is pure wolverel!

Sorry... couldn't resist.

masterymistery said...

Antares, wolverel works for me! No need to apologise. madness always welcome here!

Karen said...

Happy Halloween! Wait a minute. Do Australian wolves even celebrate All Hallow's Day?

masterymistery said...

Hi Karen, unfortunately, nothing is hallow down under, all is unholy. And don't tell the dingoes they're related to wolves --- they tend to overreact to that quite badly. Ask the Chamberlains!