in relation to a corpse...

"Is he dead?"

"No. It's just that the mode in which his data is expressed has changed.

"The process (of being himself) is degraded -- is at a coarser-grained resolution -- but still viable upon a suitable substrate, per the Law."

"What Law?"

"The Law of the Conservation of Life: that it may not be created or destroyed but only transformed."

"But that's total crap, isn't it?"

"Depends. On your definition of 'total' and of 'crap'. But if Energy must be conserved, then so too must Life, being as it is a form of energy.

"And Karma, or righteousness slash justice if you prefer.

"And personhood: the number of persons slash the amount of personhood in the Universe never changes -- cannot change -- only the expression of it changes.

"Metaphorically speaking, a photograph of a person is part of the person: a secondary or degraded part, but still a part. A photograph of a person (or thing) is part of that person's (thing's) unique footprint upon Reality."

"To reiterate: that's total crap, isn't it?"

"Maybe. But where is it written in stone that crap is false?

"A person's corpse is as much an expression of a person as the person's living body. Who in the entire Universe could be more directly instrumental in the production of a corpse, than the living person zirself (solo or in cahoots with deity, if you insist)?

"By 'instrumental' is meant that the living person causes the corpse -- is the cause of the corpse -- in three different ways: 1) formally, 2) materially, and 3) efficiently (though only to some extent) according to Aristotle. Nor could a living person be a final cause (in the Aristotelian sense) of the corpse of that person."


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Antares said...

Ahhhh.... a fellow solipsist! :-)

masterymistery said...

Hi Antares, yes, and isn't it incredible that we both were able and willing to pause momentarily in our self-absorption, and lift our heads up and stop staring at our navels for just long enough to step into a shared reality and meet the other? Thanks for stopping by, MM.

Blooming Psycho said...

No matter what else, the idea that energy cannot be destroyed it can only be transmuted makes sense to me.

masterymistery said...

Blooming Psycho, yes, intuitively it feels correct. And thanks to Einstein we know that matter and energy can be transmuted into each other because they are different expressions of the same fundamental stuff. Thanks for your comment. MM