a new stove, before my symmetry is violently compactified

Due to a darkly energetic headache, I ain't gonna do any more work on the following non-quantum entanglemeant: sorry.

Do I hear "boring: Here he goes again!"? Yes! But at least this time it's briefish, being simply two less-than-super knotty strings to cut, unravel or totally ignore, as you pleeze.

  1. symmetry breaking... violence... killing cats... collapsing the wave function... imposing a value on a variable... birth... death ... black hole... white bang...
  2. Yahweh/Oroboros... vector/scalar... deterministic/stochastic... Euclidian/Riemannian... differential/integral... reductionist/holistic... telos/ask-us... arrow/wheel... time/space... dynamic/static... determination/flexibility.
And then there's "emergent/compactified", which I would have liked to include in 2, but currently my mind's not sufficiently dextrous to identify the sinister term. Likewise re "divine masturbation".

From the above less than half-baked attempt to cook up a batch of parallels between religion, physics and metaphysics, you can tell I need a new stove.

The cat was Schrodinger's, BTW. No felines were harmed in the experiment, which was thoughtful.

Have a great 26,000 year-long day!


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Karen said...

Aha! This is why you ate an evil sandwich. You need a new stove. Who is Schrodinger?

Tempest Nightingale LeTrope said...

I need a new stove too. But I am lazy. I shall stick with my microwave.

masterymistery said...

Lazy person: You could put your stove in the microwave to save yourself the effort of getting rid of it! ;-)

Tempest, thanks for your comment. MM

masterymistery said...

Hi Karen, with bitterness and gall that evil sandwich keeps returning. So I thought if I had it cremated maybe I could prevent its reincarnation. Hence the stove.

Schrodinger was a quantum physicist who dreamed up a thought experiment involving radioactive decay as the mechanism whereby the cat would be both dead and alive simultaneously. But only until the experimenter/observer looks closely enough to collapse the wave function, thereby crystallizing a firm outcome either way.

The thought(ful) experiment was designed to illustrate the stochastic nature of reality at the quantum level.

Well you did ask!

Thanks for your comment, MM.