drunken hearted man revisited

Thanks to 'autotune' (vocoder) and a complete lack of singing ability, the so-called lyrics to the song confusingly entitled 'zombie bloodeater' are completely inaudible. Needless to say, when I wrote the words I was pissed out of my mind. So whether you want 'em or not, below please find the lyrics to 'drunken-hearted man'


Should be “drunken-minded man” but who cares
The main thing is no-one can even think of selling their wares
Covered in vomit, sprawled pubes-up in a gutter
(And I don’t care what you mind about what I should or shouldn’t utter).

We all have our escapes, the question is from what?
Of course a drunken-hearted man cares not a lot
He’s just some silly sod who’s ripe for a fleecing
’Specially in this age of zero tolerance policing.

But what are we running from, that is the question
Life, death, love, sex, what’s your suggestion?
Does it really matter? That’s another query.
Though it’s all the same to one who’s leery, teary, not to mention beery.

There are many mansions in the third dimension
the fourth, tenth, eleventh, twenty sixth, whatever your inclension.
(That should be inclination, and don’t I know it
But whaddya expect from a legless drooling poet?)

So have another drink, joint, needle or snort
Of whatever it is that’s your storm in any port
The creator doesn’t care if you lose a little grip
While your so-called awareness goes down with the ship.

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Brian Miller said...

damn man...i think the music is just about perfect for the pic quite honestly...nice lyrics too...pass a beer....and speak what ever you want...mine will be the mansion on the right side of north...now please make the eyes stop singing...

masterymistery said...

Hey Brian, the eyes never stop singing, they fill my mind with memes so toxic you have to register them as deadly weapons! I'd buy you a virtual beer if there were a virtual pub on site. Cheers, MM.

Karen said...

My suggestion for a drooling legless poet is not to run anywhere.

Alice Audrey said...

I like it.

masterymistery said...

Karen, other than myself you are the most literal minded person I have ever encountered. Keep it up!

Alice thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed "drunken hearted man"!

Faycin A Croud said...

Huh--how serendipitous that I'm watching a biography show about Hank Williams Jr. His father had a famous song, "Cold Hearted Man." Both Senior and Junior had substance abuse issues. So I guess there's a couple "drunken hearted men" for ya!

masterymistery said...

Faycin, that is weird, and definitely in a synchronous ie Jungian way. Connections, everywhere! Nothing but!