waves of inner mumbling

Being an insomniac of the most extreme kind, I use several techniques to help me fall asleep. I meditate and/or count sheep and/or try to persuade my physical body to relax and unwind.

And sometimes I chant (silently) a mantra that I created as an alternative to counting sheep, which can be boring.

One version of the mantra is "...to love myself I have no fear to love myself I have no fear to love myself I have no fear..." etc. Which translates into: "The method I use to help me love myself, is to have no fear".

It also makes sense "backwards": "...I have no fear to love myself I have no fear to love myself I have no fear..." etc. Which translates into: "I'm not afraid to love myself".

The mantra can be adapted to the state of mind of the mantra-utterer at the time of utterance, eg: "...to have no pain I love myself..." or "...to have no pain I heal myself..." or "...to heal myself I have no pain..." etc

Does it work? Does it put me to sleep? All I can say is that sometimes I drift off on a wave of inner mumbling!

Just sayin'.

And then there's the thermonuclear option: The Art of Wakeful Sleeping.


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Antares said...

Humble mumbles are far more genteel than crumble grumbles. No?

masterymistery said...


yes, much more so than bumbled, jumbled, fumbled rumbles!

cheers, MM

The Real Cie said...

Seems that many creative people struggle with insomnia.

masterymistery said...

Hi Cie, "what you resist, persists" -- the best way to handle it may be not to struggle but to embrace!
Cheers, MM.