lions whelping in the avenues

Strange Dream, drawing by SRS, 2012Strange dream a few nights ago. The following morning I tried to recapture in a drawing some elements of the dream.

In the dream, I saw a strange cow-like beast with claws and sharp fangs dripping blood (top left corner).

The dream included a solipsistic episode in which I wondered where my self lives and who it really is: 'Who is this "I" that feels it wants a cigarette...' (handwritten text on r.h.s. towards the bottom).

I found myself wondering in a metallic city of geometric shapes and chequerboard patterns, with impossible dimensions twisting back upon, across and within each other.

Above was a doom-flecked night sky, fraught with comets, supernovae and astral lions whelping in cosmic avenues of dark energy (nah, not really, but it sounds good, at least to me).



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Rose LeMort said...

Wow, this is truly amazing! My dreams influence my writing quite a bit. I really wish I could draw or paint too.

masterymistery said...

Hi Rose, thanks for stopping by. I think everyone has an innate 'artistic' ability. Starting with that, the rest is just practice. Cheers, MM.