Everything wants for nothing

Everything, taken as a whole, is something that in some respects is similar to some aspects of what some people refer to as "God" in the language called "English".

Others refer to Everything as "THE Universe" or "THE Multiverse". And there are some who refer to Everything as "the whole of Reality", which makes a lot of sense to me. Because if you really and truly want a word that encompasses Everything, "Reality" is that word.

Reality trumps "Universe", "Multiverse", "Megaverse", "Maxiverse" and every other verse in between, because Reality reaches into places where others cannot go. Reality includes immaterial things and abstract things, such as Thought, Consciousness, Emotions, Meaning, Purpose, Time, Qualia and much more besides: all those things that some people say do not exist.

Some people say that Time, for example, is an illusion, does not exist. Well, maybe Time doesn't exist; maybe Time is an illusion. But if it's an illusion, it's a Real illusion -- the illusion is really there -- and therefore is part of Reality. It would have to be for me to write about it in this post.

And likewise re all things that don't exist, that are illusions: they are all part of Reality.

Everything, taken as a whole (gestalt) is the biggest, most complex thing there is. And as such is alive, aware and intelligent, and cares about what happens to me and you. Everything lives, dies and is reborn, thanks to the conformal manifold with which the Universe extends herself backward in time to a point prior to her birth. And she does so at every iteration of the "crunch" part of the Big Bang / Big crunch cycle. The heartbeat of the Universe, if you like.

As part of Everything, every thing lives/exists, dies/decays, and is reborn. Thanks to the Conservation Laws, nothing truly vanishes but rather is transformed into something else. When I die my physical body decays into its component cells, molecules, atoms: none of which vanish into nothingness, ever. Those component cells etc are redistributed in one way or another, eg as food for bacteria (or vultures, cannibals, lawyers, bankers etc) that sustain themselves on my rotting flesh. Recycling writ large.

On a grander scale, the atoms of an exploding star, a supernova, are not destroyed in the explosion, but rather are shot out into space where they are eventually all used for other building projects, such as constructing new stars, planets, humans and every thing in between.

"Everything" exists. In fact, nothing exists outside of Everything. Everything is omnipresent because all places that exist, exist within Everything.

Everything is omniscient in the sense that all knowledge is known by at least one knower within Everything.

Everything is omnipotent because all powers and forces that exist, exist within Everything.

Everything does not stand for, approve of or espouse any particular set of values, ethics, beliefs or behaviours. ALL values, all ethics, all beliefs, all rights and all wrongs, all contexts, are contained within Everything.

Everything does not lay down any particular laws or commandments. Everthing is the whole of the Law, and requires no commandments to instantiate her Will.

Everything has no particular shape or form -- Everything is all shapes and all forms. Every thing is part of Everything. Nothing is not.


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Martin Olson said...


Nicely written.

Antares said...

I can't get over the word Qualia. It compresses such a broad spectrum of phenomenology, Or whatever.

masterymistery said...

Thank you Martin, please drop in any time: always good to hear from you! Cheers, S.

masterymistery said...

Hi Antares, yes, a hot if abstruse topic in some circles is qualia. Some philosophers (I prefer "metaphysicists") think they do exist, others think they don't, and still others think they do but only in a trivial sense, as "mere epiphenomena". Whatever that means! Thanks for your comment, Cheers, S.

cheesemeister (too lazy to log in) said...

Although my logical mind has been trained not to believe it, part of me wants to still believe that the stories I write and the characters in them are real in some dimension or other.

masterymistery said...

Cheesemeister, exactly! Nor is anything less real than any other thing. The only differences between things are in the TYPE of reality applicable to each thing respectively. For example, "having" a dream bringfs one no closer or further away from reality than watching a play with live actors and material props. Thanks for your comment, Cheers, MM