nothing is waiting

Nothing means something: it's a word, it's a thought
that likes to run free and never be caught.
Nothing means nothing but nothing itself.
Nothing is left alone on the shelf.
Everything means something, somewhere and somewhen.
That's why it's true, again and again
that nothing means nothing: no more to be said.
Anything goes where you get to be dead.


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Karen said...

And nothing is waiting at the end of this comment....nothing.

Antares said...

Language. No-Thing... Some-Thing... Every-Thing. Thing Thing Thing. Are we not, like every manner of life we observe around us, a complex dance of probabilities mostly comprised of energy and consciousness? If so, all that happens when our physical forms deteriorate beyond the minimal level of coherence and integrity is that we will be compelled to let our bodies break down back into simpler elements. It's up to us whether to hang around and watch the fascinating deconstruction of our erstwhile individualized ego personalities as the material framework that held them together collapses and crumbles into a species of primordial ooze - or to simply let out a whoop of unmitigated delight to find our consciousness no longer constrained by the narrow band of information our sensory organs were feeding us.

Conscious dreaming is basic training for the navigation of the Ka when the Ba no longer functions.

masterymistery said...

Hi Karen, thanks for nothing! ;-) MM

masterymistery said...

Hi Antares, I'm pretty much on the same wavelength as you, if I can put it that way. In fact, about your comment: I couldn't have put it better myself! Yes we are that dance of probabilities.

Perhaps consciousness and energy are transformations of each other, different aspects of the same underlying [whatever/stuff], just as energy and matter are believed to be transformations of each other... I wonder...

Thanks for your comment. Cheers, MM