the secret of no pain

Sitting on the train
smelling the rain
seeing the pain
on the faces in the train
burning my brain

Hearing the sound
of wheels going round
lost I am found
free I am bound
in monotonous sound


CONTINUED IN: Awarewolf, and other chrymes against humanity, illustrated

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Rose LeMort said...

I live with chronic low-grade pain (which I almost spelled "pane.") What color would it be? Muted red, perhaps. On a good day, light pink. Like my mental illness, I'm used to it. Unlike my mental illness, there is never a question that I would get rid of the pain if I were able. The mental illness has affected the way I think, and I have had it all my life. I sometimes think if it were taken away, I might not know how to deal with the world as a "normal" person. Just like some people who have been blind all their lives have trouble navigating the world if by some miracle their sight is restored. I am blind to what it is to be "normal."

masterymistery said...

Rose, I think you're right that pain is a muted red. That's how it seems to me too. I've lived with chronic pain for a long time, and yes, I think I would get rid of it if I could. But I know there are aspects of the pain that I would miss. For one thing, people would have less reason to feel sorry for me! Thanks for your commnet. Cheers, MM.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget there is but a very thin line between pleasure & pain..
ta ta lunar lover ..Kimberly

masterymistery said...

Hi Lunar Lover, Kimberley, yes that's absolutely right. Sometimes the two overlap, or are even exchanged for each other. And then there's a quote from somewhere (can't remember where or who -- maybe it was me?!) that I'm fond of : "Pain hurts, but suffering is a choice". Thanks for you comment, Cheers, MM