why God kicks your ass

One of the great parts of bean a human bean is free will. You can choose whatever tickles your fancy. And fancy whatever you choose to tickle.

If you choose fear, if you choose to live in fear, no worries. That's fine. There are no "bad" or "wrong" choices. Just one thing though: if you choose fear then don't be surprised if and when you feel afraid. And don’t complain about feeling afraid. Or, do complain but don't then be surprised if your complaint leads nowhere. Or, do be surprised if your complaint leads nowhere, but don't get your panties in a twist about that. Accept all your outcomes; embrace them as your truest offspring. They are truly self-created.

Some things we don't enjoy the first time we taste them. We acquire the taste over time. Anger is an acquired taste, as is blue cheese, garlic snails and witchetty grubs. When you first try anger, you’re not sure you like it. But you learn.

So if you choose anger, no problem. But don't be surprised if and when you feel angry. And don’t complain about feeling angry. Or do complain but don't then be surprised if you grow tired of complaining. And don’t complain about feeling tired either.

If you choose love, that's fine. It's not "bad" or "wrong" to choose love. If you choose love, you probably won't feel the need to complain, but if you do, then go right ahead and complain about having love. And don't then be surprised if love flees from you. God! Some people love complaining.

There seems to be a correlation between a person's size and zer tendency to criticise the choices of others. Smaller people are more critical. The Biggest Person There Is, Reality*, doesn't give a shit about your choices, or anyone's. "Good" or "bad": all choices are woven into the grand tapestry, and can't be unpicked or unchosen.

Free will means you get to choose. In fact, you must choose. And you can have whatever you choose. In fact, you must have whatever you choose. There's no other choice. And whatever you choose you experience. But don't bitch and moan if you don't like the outcome/s of your choice/s. Or do bitch and moan about the outcome/s of your choice/s. But don't then be surprised or complain if someone, possibly even God*, kicks you in the ass and tells you to get the fuck out of there.

* The Universe (aka Reality aka God aka ETI) is alive and well and living within zerself.


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mgeorge said...

These songs may be relevant. Even otherwise, they are great.

Beck - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime - don't know who did the original.

Gerry Rafferty - Whatever's Written In Your Heart- from City To City, 1978.

masterymistery said...

Hi mgeorge, great songs are always relevant, irrespective of context! Thank you -- I anticipate enjoyment!