last of the snow-elves

Detail from Shards of Perplexity, painted in oils on canvas, SRSWearied by zer thousand-year quest, Eriol stares into the embers of a dying fire and weeps. Three tears float weightless through the twilight. In the cold air they freeze into tiny, sparkling jewels, then fall to earth: grains of sorrow, their vigour spent. The enchantment fails.

The last and finest of zer kind, Eriol attempts a summoning but zer power is gone. The words of magyck freeze into crystal runes that crack, then splinter into dust. Disheartened, ze fails to notice the approach of the Pale Man.

As the wrack and ruin of zer physical form commences, ze retreats into the comfort of zer mantra, zer lips moving softly as the exultation grows within. Ze feels the pain’s caress, but chooses to find no suffering in it, instead allowing zer love to flow toward the dark grey mist that hangs like a shroud over zer tormentor.

“Who now would wish to be,” asks the Pale Man, his voice brittle with excitement, “holier than thou or as holy as thee?”

The mirror-meaning shatters into word-shards of irony. His eyes glitter like stars. Trails of tears glisten on his cheeks.

“Though the flesh is torn and sanguine droplets pool upon the earth,” Eriol’s reply is barely audible, “the light still gleams in soft and pregnant emptiness… in the garden of forever…”

The Pale Man shrugs disparagingly. “My dear, your receptors are ardent and swollen with longing. Soon they shall know culmination!”

He wriggles his long bony fingers and leers with menace. Suddenly, he plunges both hands into zer body, ripping the wounds wider, tearing and clutching in perfect accordance with relevant procedure, throat pulsating as he sub-vocalises the Sacred Song ...

CONTINUES in FIENDS & FREAKS out now at Amazon. FIENDS AND FREAKS and serpents, dragons, devils, hell-beings, anguished spirits, anti-gods, gods and other horse-thieves you wouldn't want to meet in a dark cosmos... Six and twenty tails so twisted and outrageous you'll split your belly open shrieking with satanic laughter. Immature content, adults maybe.


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