how to boil a kettle of priests

Rubin's Vase, artwork by SRS/CR/MMDemeaning of life? I believe that the meaning and purpose of MY LIFE is to help X understand and experience what it is like to be ME.

If I may be so bold, I believe that the meaning and purpose of YOUR LIFE is to help X understand and experience what it is like to be YOU.

The meaning and purpose of President Obama's life is to help X to understand and experience what it is like to be President Obama.

The meaning and purpose of the existence of the kettle in my kitchen is to help X understand and experience what it is like to be the kettle in my kitchen.

The meaning and purpose of Planet Earth's life is to help X understand and experience what it is like to be Planet Earth.

What is X?

Well, for one thing, X is a lot easier to get along with than any so-called "god" with whom humans are familiar. (You may have heard the old saying, familiarity breeds contempt!)

Unlike most if not all gods and other supernatural persons, X:

  • doesn't require, request or even care one way or the other about worship

  • doesn't require or care about prayer

  • doesn't require or care about sacrifices or offerings

  • doesn't require intermediaries (priests, bishops, popes, rabbis, imams, bodhisattvas, mediums, etc)

  • doesn't require special buildings (churches, synagogues, mosques, etc)

  • doesn't issue commandments to be obeyed

  • doesn't demand that "unbelievers" must be converted or if not converted then killed

  • doesn't condemn life as being full of suffering and delusion

  • doesn't advocate escaping the wheel of cyclic existence

  • is not jealous or wrathful.

X encompasses evil as well as good. X had a beginning and will have an end, or even multiple beginnings and endings, serially and in parallel! X is, quite simply, Everything, one word, taken as a whole.

Everything includes every thing -- past present and future, real as well as imaginary, material as well as immaterial, physical as well as spiritual. Every thing is part of Everything. The Universe is part of Everything.

This post could end with the revelation that X is Nature or The Universe or Reality. To end here would probably be acceptable to scientific pantheists or naturalistic pantheists. But let's not be faint-hearted. Let's pursue the logic to wherever it leads. Let's hunt it down to the lair where it lies lurking and laughing like a lunatic.

I believe that the whole of reality is an actual organism, a living being, who is aware and intelligent and learning and growing. That organism is X. Another name for X is EVERYTHING (one word).

Everything is a person, the biggest, most complex Person there is, has been, will be or could be.

I am part of Everything, you are part of Everything, and so too is President Obama, the kettle in my kitchen, planet Earth, the dream I had last night, all the dreams I didn't have last night. Every thing is part of Everything.

Question: How do I or you understand and experience what it is like to be a kettle?

Answer: Only by being the kettle. But it's not for me or you or anyone to be that particular kettle. That job is already taken, by the kettle.

The only job in the Universe for which I'm exclusively qualified, is to be me. So there's no need for me to wonder how I can be that kettle. There's no requirement for me to be that kettle. My job is to be me. And the purpose and meaning of that job is to help the superbeing referred to as Everything to understand and experience what it is like to be me.

The only person who can encompass multiple identities is Everything herself. But she needs some help in order to do that. I only have one identity, one job, one destiny to be concerned about -- I, me and mine.

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