really real

20 x 25 cm oil on board I believe that...

  • the meaning and purpose of my life is to help Everything experience and thereby understand what it is like to be me

  • Everything comprises the whole of Reality across and outside of time past present and future, including the physical universe as well as all immaterial / non-physical aspects

  • Everything encompasses every thing (seems obvious, doesn't it?)

  • Reality is an actual organism, alive and aware, learning and growing

All of the above may be samsara. may be maya, may be a dream. All of the above may be an illusion. But if it is, it's a real illusion. The illusion really exists! And if so, there is no illusion...

Artwork: 20 x 25 cm oil on board "And Then I Tripped..." by SRS 2014. It's small but beautifully formed.


eBooks by Cosmic Rapture:

NIGHTMERRIES: THE LIGHTER SIDE OF DARKNESS This so-called "book" will chew you up, spit you out, and leave you twitching and frothing on the carpet. More than 60 dark and feculent fictions (read ‘em and weep) copiously illustrated by over 20 grotesque images you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley.

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MANIC MEMES & OTHER MINDSPACE INVADERS A disturbing repository of quotably quirky quotes, sayings, proverbs, maxims, ponderances, adages and aphorisms. This menagerie holds no fewer than 184 memes from eight meme-species perfectly adapted to their respective environments.

FIENDS & FREAKS Adults-only Tales of Serpents, Dragons, Devils, Lobsters, Anguished Spirits, Gods, Anti-gods and Other Horse-thieves You Wouldn't Want to Meet in a Dark Kosmos: 4th Edition

HAGS TO HAGGIS Whiskey-soaked Tails of War-nags, Witches, Manticores and Escapegoats, Debottlenecking and Desilofication, Illustrated

mgeorge said...

Some Buddhists have a parallel idea: that their own liberation will come only when every other person - or even living thing - gets their "good news". Personally, I expect only bad news - after another 10-20 years at the most. Perhaps we will see spectacular outbreaks - anything to keep up denial - including great "faith", hedonism, violence or mass hysteria.

masterymistery said...

mgeorge, great to hear from you. There's been slim pickings at Cosmic Rapture these days, I know!

Re Buddhism, more and more have I come to see it as a "death cult", which, along with Hobbes sees Life as "nasty, brutish and short".

And the way things are going, it's getting harder and harder to deny that bleak vision.

But it's still all we've got, (Life) as far as we know. Who would want to be liberated from prison, if there's nothing outside the prison, nothing at all, including oneself?

Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, MM

Cara H said...

I like the red and green, working in unison but yet maintaining contrast.
I'd like to make people understand me, I really would. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure I understand myself.

masterymistery said...

Hi Cara, is it that you don't understand whether you understand yourself or not? But yes, I know what you mean. If I may be so presumptuous. Thanks for stopping by, Cheers, MM.