when the time is right

When the time is right, the People will see the truth, will see through the lies and the deception.

When the time is right, the People will no longer tolerate the greed and cruelty and destruction.

When the time is right, the People will unite in righteous anger. They will break the chains that bind them. They will throw off their shackles. They will Rise up, Stand Tall and shout in one bold voice, “NO MORE!”

And then we’ll mow those suckers down with machine guns and flame-throwers.

When the time is right.

further to previous post...

then the People will get really mad, and mow your ass down motherfucker, and the tanks you rode in on...

and the time is now...


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Cara H said...

The time always seems to be right--or at least ripe--for violence.

masterymistery said...

...thus providing us with a never-ending stream of opportunity to reject violence? Hi Cara, good to hear from you again. MM