Manic Memes: miscellaneous misbegotten malarkey

Just TWO(of the more than 180) memes in MANIC MEMES & OTHER MINDSPACE INVADERS, a disturbing if not downright annoying repository of bizarre thoughts, sayings, ideas, quotes, taunts and miscellaneous misbegotten malarkey:

Only a fool wants to be King of the Fools.

Worship is the golden calf.

In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a meme is “an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.”

As varied as the minds they infest, memes can be words, phrases, images, perfumes, melodies, harmonies, styles of beard, flavours of ice cream, mathematical formulae, recipes for roast chicken, medical procedures, rites and rituals and much more.

Worship is the golden calf. Words by Cosmic Rapture. Memes are the mindchildren of controversial biologist, Richard Dawkins. The word “meme” first appeared in Dawkins’ book, The Selfish Gene (1976). In that book, he applies the principles of Darwinian evolution to human culture and finds that natural selection applies just as harshly and unforgivingly to thoughts and concepts as to material organisms.

They may not be flesh-and-blood, but memes are born (come into being), reproduce (spread from one “host” mind to another) and die (are forgotten or distorted beyond recognition).

As non-material organisms they reproduce by various non-fleshly means including language to convey meme ‘DNA’ from one human mind to another. Only a fool would want to be King of the Fools, words and art by Cosmic Rapture

With one or two exceptions, the memes in this book are my own dear brainchildren. I gave birth to them over a number of decades starting from when I first acquired language and continuing to the present day. My teenage years were particularly active in terms of generating memes not based on language, but let’s not go there right now.

Memes compete for mindspace in their human hosts. A catchy song spreads quicker and further than a less memorable one. Memes that breed less efficiently become extinct. The Darwinian survival of the fittest meme itself is a great little breeder! Manic Memes masthead in handwriting-- image by masterymistery


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MANIC MEMES & OTHER MINDSPACE INVADERS A disturbing repository of quotably quirky quotes, sayings, proverbs, maxims, ponderances, adages and aphorisms. This menagerie holds no fewer than 184 memes from eight meme-species perfectly adapted to their respective environments.

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