black holes and white bangs

Question for physicists: isn't a "white hole" really a "white bang"?

In the weird and wonderful world of physics, "white holes" are associated with black holes, which are said to have been observed in reality. The problem is that if white holes exist, they'd be bangs not holes.

A black hole is a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape, not even light. No light = darkness = blackness. Hence "black" hole. Gravity is infinitely strong at the "singularity" at the heart of a black hole. So matter falling into a black hole is squashed -- becoming more and more dense until at the singularity, matter is infinitely dense.

The question is, what happens to all the matter and other stuff falling into a black hole?

There are many theories, including some to the effect that the stuff that gets sucked into a black hole in one universe explodes outward as a white hole in another. In other words that at the back of every black hole is a white hole (possibly with a wormhole/colon connecting the two).

Whether the theories are true or not is not the point (of this post). The point is that if black holes suck, then white holes blow. If black holes are implosions, white holes are explosions. A hole is the opposite of an explosion. So a white hole's really a white bang.

Consider what was supposedly the biggest explosion of all time: the big bang. Once upon no time, the theory goes, the universe was extremely hot and dense. Then, for reasons of which I am blissfully ignorant, exploded outward in a great big bang that continues to drive the expansion of the universe to this very day. But not necessarily forever.

At some point/time, where/when the force driving the expansion of the Universe is weaker than gravity, the expansion will stop then reverse; the expansion will become a contraction. And all the matter and other stuff in the Universe will be pulled together in a big crunch.

The culmination of a big crunch could be a singularity where matter is so dense that it rebels against the contraction by exploding outward in a big bang. Maybe the Life of the universe is measured in big bang / big crunch cycles. Which gives rise to such metaphors as the breathing in and out of the Cosmos. Or God's heartbeat, if you prefer.

But whether big bang theory is correct or not, in one sense is not critical to the metaphysics of the Universe. In some pantheistic models, the universe is an organism, alive and well and growing and learning. Whether that organism was born in a big bang -- or in a barn or someplace else by some other means -- doesn't prove or disprove the existence of that organism, the biggest person of all: Everything That Is (ETI).

Let's say big bang theory is NOT the correct explanation of how the universe came into being. Let's say that the steady state theory is correct. Or that the immaculate conception theory is correct. Or that turtle theory is correct. Doesn't matter. How the biggest person of all came to be born doesn't change the fact of the birth.

And maybe it wasn't a Big Bang but a Big Wank: divine masturbation


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